Our winning patterns for week ending 2020-10-02

Bearish 3-Drives

USDJPY Bearish 3-Drives on 1H chart. This formation is showing on the end of strong uptrend. You can see price climbing for over a week and finally dropped. 300 pips drop. You could play this pair while price was going up. S-V3 could show each move up.

USDJPY Bearish 3-Drives

Reversed Wedge

USDJPY Reversed Wedge on the 1H chart. If you think we finished with USDJPY, you are wrong. After Bearish 3-Drives we noticed another price formation and entered trade. S-V3 was in perfect position, showing incoming move up. 300 pips.

USDJPY Reversed Wedge

Strong Uptrend

AUDUSD Strong Uptrend on 1H chart. Sometimes there is no visible pattern on the chart, but market tells us which way to go. Here we have such a situation. AUDUSD was in a trend reverse point and broke up local resistance level. S-V3 shows that moment. For us, it was good confirmation to enter the trade.

AUDUSD Strong Uptrend

Strong Uptrend

EURUSD Strong Uptrend on 1H chart. EURUSD price movement that day was almost the same as AUDUSD. Trend reversed on the bottom and after a moment of hesitation broke upwards. Our custom indicator was giving signals of incoming strong uptrend. That was 300 pips trade.

EURUSD Strong Uptrend

Strong Uptrend

GBPUSD Strong Uptrend on 1H chart. Another example of strong uptrend. Have a look at the thin line of S-V3 indicator. Big gap between thin and thick lines shows persistent uptrend. And this is what happening on this chart. Price instead of dropping – going up.

GBPUSD strong Uptrend

Triple Top

USDCAD Triple Top on the 1H chart. This price formation doesn’t happen often, but if you spot it, it can bring you a big profit. In our case it was 400 pips and the overall drop was over 1000 pips. S-V3 indicator correctly recognized price moving horizontally, so only option was open short position.

USDCAD Tripple Top

Bearish Shark

GBPUSD Bearish Shark on 1H chart. If you look closely, you notice that this is a continuation of chart above. 2 days later price created harmonic pattern which was inline with local resistance and confirmation from S-V3 indicator. We were expecting 300 pips drop but result was 1000 in two hours.

GBPUSD Bearish Shark

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