Our winning patterns for week ending 2020-09-26

Bullish ABCD

USDJPY Bullish ABCD on the 1H chart. It is Monday morning and our trading week starts with 290 pips win. After the initial struggle, USD gain on value quick and strong. 700 pips move up. We only needed less than half of this. S-V3 confirmed our pattern, so we opened buy position.


Double Top

NZDUSD Double Top on 4H. Massive 610 pips price drop. This is an outstanding example of the perfect classic pattern. Have a look like price resisting move up exactly in a place where PipEze S-V3 shows trend exhaustion. To many sellers on the market so only direction is down.

NZDUSD 4H Double Top

Bullish Wedge Top

GBPUSD Bullish Wedge Top on 1H chart. This trade was for advanced traders. Here we have Bullish Wedge with price just about to break up. Many traders would argue to go long here, but PipEze S-V3 shows price drop through divergence on signal lines and price at the top of wedge channel. We went short and earned 400 pips.

GBPUSD 1H Bullish Wedge Top

Bullish ABCD

EURGBP Bullish ABCD on 1H chart. Classic pattern, easy to spot and fast profit. Once formation completed on chart, we check for confirmation from S-V3 indicator. Clear signal to open long position. As you can see on chart 2 hours later we closed position and moved on.

24 09 EURGBP Bullish ABCD 1H

Price Range

CADJPY Price Range on 1H chart. This happens often – price moving in range, bouncing between top and bottom. And have a look like S-V3 shows that movement with precision. You don’t have to be a genius to make money on such a trade. You only need good trading tools. Period.

CADJPY Price Range 1H