Our winning patterns for week ending 2020-09-19

Bullish Alt. Bat.

CADCHF  Bullish Alt. Bat on 1D chart. That was monstrous 2000 points trade. Long, but very profitable. Here we can see opening position at the bottom of S-V3 indicator. Later on we confidently close position just when PipEze S-V3 was signaling trend exhaustion.

CADCHF Bullish Alt Bat

Bearish Gartley

EURAUD 1H chart – Bearish Gartley. Here we have 200 points profit shorting EURAUD. Gartley pattern nicely align with S-V3 indicator which signalled sell opportunity. And was correct.

EURAUD 1H Bearish Gartley

Bearish 3-Drives

EURUSD Bearish 3-Drives on 1H chart. This was an example of beautiful convergence of harmonic pattern and resistance level.
Our PipEze S-V3 indicator is signalling sale exactly when price touching resistance. 300 points profit collected.

EURUSD 1H Bearish 3-Drives

Bullish ABCD

EURJPY Bullish ABCD on the 1H chart. Our second trade that day. Price ranging created classic ABCD pattern and S-V3 indicator confirmed it for us. We found buy signal on temporary support level. If You were with us that day, You happily collected 300 points.


Bullish ABCD

USDCAD Bullish ABCD on the 1H chart. Another bullish ABCD pattern and another winning trade. As always, our custom indicator PipEze S-V3 gave us confirmation of correct chart formation. We joined buyers and gained 250 points.


 Bullish Cypher

EURUSD Bullish Cypher on the 1H chart. This trade was a bit different from usual. Correct price pattern was confirmed with premature buy signal. Few hours later sellers tried to shake buyers off of the market. We set the correct stop-loss and stayed in trade to collect 200 points.

EURUSD 1H Bullish Cypher

Bearish ABCD

GBPUSD Bearish ABCD on the 1H chart. We always say that trading is easy, especially when you have excellent tools. Classic pattern confirmed by S-V3 indicator gave us well deserved profit.



Bullish Gartley

EURCHF Bullish Gartley on the 4H chart. Last day this week we were trading on 4H timeframe. EURCHF is difficult currency pair, but S-V3 indicator confirmed pattern correctness and we earned 300 points.

EURCHF 4H Bullish Gartley