Our winning patterns for week ending 2020-09-12

Bullish Gartley

USDJPY Bullish Gartley on the 30M chart. Everything is in place – pattern measurements are correct and PipEze S-V3 signalling presence of buyers on the market. The only thing left to do is to watch rising price and profit (if you were trading this pattern).

USDJPY 30M Bullish Gartley

Bearish ABCD

Another USDJPY 30M chart, but this time Bearish ABCD. This pattern occurred very next day. We were trading short position as PipEze S-V3 indicator was showing temporary trend reversal.


Bearish ABCD

EURAUD Bearish ABCD on the 4H chart. This is massive 1100 points of profit. ABCD perfectly align with resistance and confirmation from PipEze S-V3 indicator. During trading day there are lots of patterns but we trade only these which get confirmation signal from our custom tool.



USDCAD Resistance on a 1H chart. Here we see the perfect example of price resistance. 4th attempt to break up failed which we expected as there were too many sellers on the market. We marked each occurrence of the failed attempt on the chart with confirmation on S-V3.

USDCAD 1H Resistance

Bullish Butterfly

AUDUSD Bullish Butterfly on a 4H chart. This was 800 points move up. We prefer to trade patterns on slower charts (1H, 4H, 1D) as they bring more profit and always win. Obviously we could not verify this great pattern without our PipEze S-V3 indicator. See below clear buy signal.

AUDUSD 4H Bullish Butterfly

Bearish Butterfly

USDCHF  Bearish Butterfly on a 4H chart. Another 800 points price move. Patient waiting pays again. Exhausted uptrend finished completing pattern and signaling sellers taking control. Confirmation of that price move comes from our PipEze S-V3 indicator.

USDCHF 4H Bearish Butterfly