Our winning patterns for week ending 2020-09-05

Double Top

Double Top pattern on LTCUSD 1H chart. Please observe bottom of the chart when PipEze S-V3 indicator signaling buying exhaustion. Sellers stepped in and price dropped.

Double Top LTCUSD

Bearish AB=CD

Bearish AB=CD pattern on EURUSD 4H chart. This is massive 1800 points drop. Pattern itself is not too hard to spot on the chart but needs to work together with an additional indicator. In our case it is custom made PipEze S-V3 which signaling dominance of sellers.


Bullish AB=CD

Bullish AB=CD on USDCAD 1H chart. After prolonged domination of short sellers, Bulls finally found momentum and pushed prices up.
Please notice that PipEze S-V3 shows perfect bottom which goes nicely with pattern.


Bearish Butterfly

Bearish Butterfly on USDCAD 1H chart. As always – pattern itself means not much without good confirmation from additional indicator.
In our case it is PipEze S-V3 which shows presence of short sellers on the market. Result – over 700 points drop.

Bearish Butterfly USDCAD