Bitcoin outperforms SP500
    Investing in S&P500   Mainstream investing for many people means buying and selling stocks. Sounds easy but which stock to buy? If you want to minimise the risk, you can invest in S&P500 index which is a market-capitalization-weighted index of the 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies. S&P
chart showing profit comparason
    Back in 2015, not many people knew what cryptocurrency is and how to use it. At that time, Bitcoin was a thing of young people, but two years later in 2017, everybody knew what Bitcoin is. The growing popularity of BTC was the primary factor of price surge. 
algorithmic trading infographic
  Automated trading meant to be easy, quick, and stress-free. We want to automate tasks so we can enjoy life or shift our attention to something more important. Any MetaTrader user dreams about Expert Advisor. We think that robots can make more money than we do because we have to
MT4 custom indicators - how to install
MT4 custom indicators are the trading tools that you can buy inside or outside the MQL5 market, or you can build it yourself. In some cases, aftermarket indicators are better than official ones because they are made to fit a specific trading strategy. If you bought an MT4 custom indicator,
Whether you trading for a living or just to make extra cash it is vital to have proper trading tools that will support your trading strategy. Buying indicator is a challenge because first we spending money on something which meant to help us to make more money, and second, we