Scalper Pro


Scalping is fast-paced and electrifying. It’s like Hollywood style action movie – so intense that you can’t leave the room because You might miss a good opportunity.
Are You a scalper trader? Than this indicator is for You.


Scalper Pro indicator dynamically adapts to market conditions helping You make a decision Buy or Sell. With just one technical setting ( period ) You can concentrate on trading. We removed unnecessary noise of million parameters and made trading a real pleasure. If You prefer an extra layer of safety, we made sure that PipEze Scalper Pro is compatible with any other MT4 tool.

Scalper Pro - exhustion detector explained

The indicator has built-in ability to signal uptrend and downtrend exhaustion. It means that the oscillator will notify you if market conditions are suggesting that the trend has reached its pick and is about to reverse. Whenever exhaustion is happening, You will see the GREEN horizontal line on the bottom or RED horizontal line on top of the oscillator.

Scalper Pro - BUY/SELL signal explained

PipEze Scalper Pro was created to indicate a new uptrend or downtrend so You can open BUY or SELL position. This functionality is achieved by the blue trend line crossing the orange signal line. At any time this is happening, it means that there are optimal market conditions that suggest that price will go higher (BUY) or lower (SELL). If the blue line is crossing the orange line up, it is the BUY signal. If the blue line is crossing the orange line down, it is a SELL signal.

Good news.

A proper approach is to implement Scalper Pro into a valid strategy so that we can see some fantastic results.

Scalper Pro implemented into strategy

Price traveling in a channel which can be identified by trendline and exhaustion detector of Scalper Pro; MA 100 and BUY signals (we would only go LONG here) from blue line crossing an orange line. Furthermore, divergence every time the price is at the bottom of the channel. You can play safe here and make a great profit.

Let’s see more examples:

Scalper Pro implemented into strategy another example

You could draw some support line here, but even without it, there is plenty of confirmation that we have a strong BUY signal. First – price created divergence; than climbed over MA 50 and confirmed with Scalper Pro blue line crossing up the orange line. The only thing left is to watch profit growing together with a price.

Feel free to implement Scalper Pro into Your trading strategy. It can be very helpful and boost Your trading confidence.

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