Playing on crypto-market is playing against BOTS. Did you know that? Most people who invest in cryptocurrencies think they are buying and selling to real people. If you think like this you are WRONG. When you buy crypto you are buying from BOTS. When you are selling crypto you sell to BOTS. And because of this you have 95% chance of failure. ONLY 5% WIN. They win because they use special trading tools made to outsmart bots.

Why normal people can’t win with BOTS?

Bots are powerful computers using smart algorithms to predict and control price of financial asset. Bots are on every financial market – Forex, Crypto, Shares, Commodities …  Because Bots are machines they don’t have to eat like humans. They don’t have to sleep like we do. Bots can read lots of data super-fast. Normal people can’t win with Bots because we are slow, we have to sleep, we can only process limited amount of information.

When we are trying to predict if Bitcoin price will go up or down most people use FREE trading tools. They use Moving Average (50,200), MACD – Moving Average Convergence Divergence, RSI, Stochastic and many, many more. Using these trading tools won’t make you rich. It will make you LOSE.

Why using FREE trading tools make you LOSE?
Bots know that most of people use these trading tools and because of this they know what people are expecting.





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There’s always time to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn large returns. There is definitely no time left to look for random information and test it yourself. Now when the market is high, every mistake – even the smallest one – can turn you into a looser.

Over 93% of people lose in the financial market.
They lose because they act using emotions and not logic.

So, if you want to use the essence of our 12 years of experience and start trading using logic that will let you earn money on crypto-market, then you are in the right place.

We will give you 2 analysis of the current market situation of your chosen cryptocurrency every month. Technical overview is based on our custom build indicators. Updates will be made available to you every month with the possibility of an extension.