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BTC – update – 26/07/2021 [ FREE FOR ALL ]

Welcome to PipEze daily BTC report.

What a weekend that was. I hope all of you are jumping and screaming in happiness. Both Hodlers and Traders have profited thanks to incredible signals from Price Movement Benchmark. It was spot on – not too early and not too late as you need strong and stable GREEN signal. But will that trend continue? Let’s see the charts.
TradingView price chart is showing us descending broadening formation, which is bullish pattern. We should expect price going up to the level of $49000 but first BTC has to break through the resistance – red line on level of $40000.

btc - 26/07

On Saturday, PipEze Price Movement Benchmark marked trend reversal. We were talking about it for ages, as PMB recorded disappearing sellers. Buyers were building momentum for last week and finally this morning – BOOM – price exploded and in the matter of 3 hours moved up 10%. Analyzing our indicator, we can say that trend line and signal line, both are on positive area. This is great as gives buyers a hope for more gains and confirming price formation from chart above. The only thing which we have to do is to follow PMB signals as they give a great indication of future price move.

btc - PMB 27/07

You could not ask for a better moment to enter the trade than the one which Price Movement Benchmark has given us. That was SPOT ON. No IFs, no BUTs, no BULLSHIT – two lines crossing up and we know that this is a moment, any minute now price will go up. And it did. 10% in 3 hours – try to earn $4000 in 3 hours doing a normal job. Impossible unless you are a member of Trader group on PipEze.com. PMB was clear on that signal up; have a look at how strong it is. Obviously BTC is near resistance now so we will observe price slowing down, but there is a long way to the point of another signal. Now we have to be patient and enjoy this nice LITTLE profit.

BTC - 1h 26/07

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