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BTC – update – 22/07/2021 [ FREE FOR ALL ]

Welcome to PipEze daily BTC report.

What a day it was yesterday. 8% price increase of BTC doesn’t happen very often recently. Daily chart shows that descending triangle broke out downwards and after only two days went back up. Fake brake out it’s a common strategy used to trap short sellers or overconfident long buyers. Anyway, what we know now is that price is back in the triangle and looks like heading up.

trading view 1d chart

PipEze Price Movement Benchmark shows not much change. Although yesterday’s rally was exciting, in the bigger picture looks like the price movement was small. We still on the positive side of the indicator and signal line is creeping up towards trend line. Price/PMB divergence still in place and giving us indication of future BTC move up.

btc - 1d chart


Members of Trader package are probably over the moon as regular hourly updates showed them yesterday to HODL position as BTC will continue to climb.What a fantastic performance of our PipEze PMB. Not only told us to keep a position as more gains are on the horizon, but told us that price reached the top and we are safe to take our money out of the market. Have a close look at the point where signal line is crossing trend line. It was a phenomenal place to liquidate position. Also, now signal line is turning and there is a chance that once it cross trend line upwards, we will enjoy another BTC rally.

btc - 1H chart pmb

Price Movement Benchmark
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