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BTC – update – 20/08/2021

Welcome to PipEze daily BTC report.

4% price gain yesterday wasn’t a surprise for us. We correctly spotted support and PMB confirmed our chart analysis. Trend line still on decline and signal line in process of turning up. Bitcoin is moving to 48-49K level for the 3rd time this week, again trying to break resistance and push the price to $50000. This weekend could be critical and if there are enough buyers on the market breaking $48000 will be a simple job.

btc pmb 20/08

Traders who use our hourly signal made yesterday $2000. Entry signal followed divergence, which was marked by us a day ago, and after that strong uptrend pushed price to $47000 where we got exit signal. Easy as 1-2-3.

Please follow closely all hourly signals which are posted on Telegram channel. Those signals provide good indication of price trend change.

Well done everyone.

Any questions just drop us an email.


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