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BTC – update – 14/10/2021

Welcome to PipEze BTC report.

Can you see the chart? That is my result from yesterday’s trading. Or shall I say yesterday / today as my position is closing right now. I entered the trade at 10 in the morning yesterday and 22 hours later I’m $3000 richer. I could play with all I have, but part of my strategy is to buy only 1BTC per trade. I do it to minimise the risk. If I lose, which happens from time to time, then my loss is proportionate to initial investment. There is a temptation that if I go ALL IN, then my win will be much bigger. But if I lose, I will lose much more than I am willing to. Everybody has a different strategy to play this game, and as long as you are winning, your strategy is good.


btc 14/10

Please follow closely all hourly signals which are posted on Telegram channel. Those signals provide good indication of price trend change.

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