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BTC – update – 13/10/2021

Welcome to PipEze BTC report.

Do you believe in bad luck? If I was superstitious, I would say that 13th proved to be unlucky as I made nothing so far. Price dropped down as far as $54000 but I have a smile on my face. The reason for my good mood is the fact that I’m not a holder. If I was one, I would probably pray for price to go back up again and I would keep telling myself that this is only market correction. I know that because I used to be one (HODLER). Well, I’m a trader now and I don’t care about price moving up, down or sideways. As long as BTC exists, I will keep making money with my strategy. How about you? Do you care about the last price drop?


btc 13/10

Please follow closely all hourly signals which are posted on Telegram channel. Those signals provide good indication of price trend change.

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