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BTC – update – 06/08/2021

Welcome to PipEze daily BTC report.


PipEze Price Movement Benchmark is getting close to make cross signal. This usually means that price will decline. Green positive area is 4 points high, which is good as this lets us assume BTC is in strong uptrend and incoming price drop can be temporary. With this pace of signal line dropping, we should expect lines crossing over the weekend. Anyone with Hodler account will get notifications of that event on telegram.

pmb 06/08

Another 3% up yesterday. After bearish start, BTC recovered and finished much closer to broadening formation top edge. High volume of transaction is another sign of a strong bullish market. Partial decline is starting to materialize  but we still need full candle closed at 42500 level to call pattern complete.

btc 06/08

Please follow closely all hourly signals which are posted on Telegram channel. Those signals provide good indication of price trend change.

Well done everyone.

Any questions just drop us an email.


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