BTC daily overview

BTC – update – 29/07/2021 [ MEMBERS ONLY ]

BTC position on crypto-market has not changed despite many attempts to break $40000 resistance. Price was oscillating between 39000 and 40500. Enormous

BTC – update – 28/07/2021 [ MEMBERS ONLY ]

BTC is not giving up. Slowly climbing up towards $40000 again. Daily chart is looking healthy if we check it for pattern correctness. Please be patient as building strong momentum takes time,

BTC – update – 27/07/2021 [ MEMBERS ONLY ]

Yesterday BTC broke $40K but finished with only half of daily gains. No surprise considering fact that 40000 is a magic number for lots of previously trapped

BTC – update – 26/07/2021 [ MEMBERS ONLY ]

I hope all of you are jumping and screaming in happiness. Both Hodlers and Traders have profited thanks to incredible signals from Price Movement Benchmark. It was spot on - not too early and not too late

BTC – update – 23/07/2021 [ Free Friday ]

Yesterday on the market was relatively quiet and positive - around 1% up. If you look on the chart below, you notice BTC price is close to descending triangle top edge. In order to maintain constant

BTC – update – 22/07/2021 [ MEMBERS ONLY ]

What a day it was yesterday. 8% price increase of BTC doesn't happen very often recently. Daily chart shows that descending triangle broke out downwards and after only two days went

BTC – update – 21/07/21 [ FREE FOR ALL ]

Daily chart of BTC is showing a bit more of life this morning, but there's still plenty of time for price rollercoaster today. Those of you who Hodl Bitcoin still have to wait for better

BTC – update – 20/07/2021 [ FREE FOR ALL ]

Yesterday's descending triangle proved to be right as we observed price drop during the day and later during the night. This is a second day of price moving downwards and looks like

[ FREE FOR ALL ] BTC – update 19/07/21

For almost 2 months now we can see BTC moving sideways. Those who considering shorting Bitcoin should be happy as descending triangle pattern is showing on the chart. According to technical analysis,