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No, Bitcoin is not a King of performance !!!



Back in 2015, not many people knew what cryptocurrency is and how to use it.

At that time, Bitcoin was a thing of young people, but two years later in 2017, everybody knew what Bitcoin is. The growing popularity of BTC was the primary factor of price surge.  In January 2018 when 20000USD mark was reached the crash happened.

Bitcoin was so famous (and still is) that many called it a King of cryptocurrency.

20000$ for one coin sounds insane, but it doesn’t make Bitcoin best investment in the cryptocurrency world.

Comparing BTC to other now popular coins can be very interesting if you do it properly.

Bitcoin performance on charts

Let’s take Ripple ( XRP ), Litecoin ( LTC ) and Ethereum ( ETH ) – 3 biggest rivals of Bitcoin.
Looking at the chart, you can clearly see that price-wise BTC outperforms other coins.

bitcoin performance on chart
A spread chart is showing BTC constant price domination. December 2017 price difference between BTC and ETH was 18800$.

BTC ETH price difference

But from a profit perspective, things are looking different. Whether you are an investor or speculator, jumping on popularity train might be the wrong choice for your money.

chart showing profit comparason

To see which coin was generating the most profit from 2015 to 2020, we must normalise our price data. Once that is done, we invest 100$ in each cryptocurrency and see results.

With that configuration, we can see that Bitcoin’s performance is worst from all of the coins.

BTC – King of performance?

Analysing the performance chart, we see that investing 100$ in ETH would generate 50 000$ profit. Spending the same amount on LTC could bring you 8500$ back.  Sadly but still good, Bitcoin would make 7000$ in profit.

Even the cheapest XRP outperformed BTC. With 40 000$ in profit, Ripple was our 2nd best bet on the crypto market.

BTC ETH profit difference

BTC LTC profit diffrence

Litecoin, which for a long time, was called a Bitcoin’s successor recorded a similar performance. In comparison to BTC, LTC reached 8500$ with Bitcoin merely 7000$. It looks like massive popularity and lots of noise in media are not healthy ingredients for cryptocurrency ROI.

BTC XRP profit differnce

Bitcoin profit performance

The spread measurement between Bitcoin and Ethereum reveals a gap of 44000$. This is how much money we are not earning when investing in the wrong asset.

BTC ETH profit spread difference

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