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Wojciech – founder of PipEze.com


Wojciech - founder of PipEze.comComputer science and the financial market were always my passion. I’ve been studying different trading strategies since 2011. I have tested basic trading systems like support and resistance or MA cross, and really advanced chart formations like harmonic patterns. The outcome always was the same–when it comes to trading, human judgment is the worst available advisor. 21st century is all about algorithmic trading. Computers rule on the financial market and anyone who is trying to beat the market without algorithmic system is going to lose very quick. To win in today’s trading playground, you have to have access to custom-built market indicators. To build such advanced trading tool I had to learn how to do it. I studied programming, machine learning and mathematics with the University of Michigan, University of California San Diego and Imperial College London. I developed custom-built market indicators for two major trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and TradingView. Over 20.000 users use my Hull Moving Average indicator (HMA) for MT4; more than 800 users have used TradingView S-V3 indicator. Apart from that, I developed a platform independent trading system based on a special algorithm–PipEze Cross Strategy. It is a product completely dedicated to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. Using machine learning technology, Cross Strategy can predict crypto-market price trend and beat Hodl strategy by 20-50% (depending on entry point).

I actively trade using PipEze products, to make sure that tools we are offering to our clients, perform in ever-changing market conditions.