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1 week, 3 trades, $9000 profit

Making money by trading cryptocurrency can be as easy as 1-2-3. More precisely, like 1 trade, 2 trades, 3 trades. In one week. Result can be astonishing – we are talking big money – $9000. Tested formula implemented in one indicator – PipEze Price Movement Benchmark. Have a quick look how can you make it.

We start by saving money. Holding while price is dropping only proves that you are lacking great trading strategy. We know that price can recover and jump up again, but what’s the point of sweating yourself when market is heading down. Pro players close position before price drop or even better – they go SHORT. We choose to close our position in order to protect our investment. It’s exactly what you could do with trade number 1. $2000 made because we didn’t lose it.

$2000 save

Trade number 2 starts where trade number 1 has finished. We get a Price Up signal and off we go. Opening position takes only 1 click of Buy button. We ride the trend up and 23 hours later we are richer off $3000. No need to analyze the chart – we trust the indicator.

$3000 profit

Finally, trade number 3. This one took few days to appear. This one was a good one – $4000 in profit if you trade only 1BTC. Price was slowly creeping up for a few days – nothing exiting. PipEze PMB was telling us that there are lots of buyers in the market and only few sellers. Sunday night we got notification that there is a trade opportunity. We trust indicator; we open Long position and BOOM – 4 hours later our account is $4000 bigger.

$4000 profit

It does not matter which direction market goes – up, down, or sideways. What really matters is – are you profiting from current market conditions? This silly question only becomes very important once you are a Holder waiting another few hours for price to go higher. See what happened :

hodlers profit

traders profit

Just because it looks like price is going up, it doesn’t mean that you are making more money. You’re making money only when you closing position in a right place.



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