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BTC-USD Price Movement Benchmark

Dedicated trading tools for crypto-market.

Buying a cryptocurrency is the easiest part of your trading journey. Holding your investment involves a bit of mixed emotions – excitement, fear of unknown and impatience. The hardest part is closing your position and cashing out your profit. If you leave too early, you are losing money you could earn. If You miss the top, you will beat yourself for being too greedy. That’s why PipEze offers Price Movement Benchmark – indicator designed to show best place to leave the market as a winner.

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ETH-USD trading tools

What We do

AMC - trading tools

We know that investing money is a combination of excellent strategy and excellent tools ( indicators, widgets, utilities). Every trading plan is unique, and because of that, it needs different tools to work correctly.

 We’re helping traders take control of their money

We’re assisting investors in gaining profit on the financial market by showing how to create a good trading strategy. We make it easier for them to understand the rules of trading, so they’re more likely to win.

We’re transforming how traders experience trading

We share our knowledge with our clients; we’re working to get them the maximum return on investment; we’re showing them how to make a confident decision when to open and to close position.

We’re reaching into the future

We’re continually working on improving our products and services so our clients can benefit and thrive in the ever-changing financial market.

Experience trading tools you can trust.

To be up to date with technology, we create dedicated trading indicators.
Trading is so demanding nowadays that if you want to succeed, you need tools with an improved winning formula.
Our indicators are fit for present market conditions because they are minimising risk and maximising profit.
We monitor the results of our indicators to make sure they work correctly all the time.

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