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Dedicated trading tools for crypto-market.

Buying a cryptocurrency is the easiest part of your trading journey. Holding your investment involves – stress, fear of unknown and impatience. The hardest part is closing your position and cashing out your profit. If you leave too early, you are losing money you could earn. If You miss the top, you will beat yourself for being too greedy. That’s why PipEze offers Cross Strategy – indicator designed to show best place to leave the market as a winner.

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Watch our strategy in action

See the actual results of our custom indicator. Every week, we put our trading tools to the test against holding strategy. We share results so you can see how PipEze works.

Simple Cross Strategy

Our trading cross strategy is as simple as 1-2-3. The only thing you need is an internet connection and since you are reading this, you are already qualified to use it.

What We don’t do

PipEze Cross Strategy is a smart trading strategy using technical analysis and predictive algorithms to determine the most profitable moment for closing a trade.

We do not offer indicator which can be used on every cryptocurrency on the market.
Our indicator works only with BTC and ETH.

We do not offer indicator which magically predicts BUY and SELL signals.
Our indicator correctly calculates and then shows current BTC and ETH price trend.

We do not offer win everyday trading signals.
Our indicator wins 2-4 times a week.

Experience trading tools you can trust.

Trading is so demanding nowadays that if you want to succeed, you need tools with an improved winning formula.
Our indicators are fit for present market conditions because they are minimising risk and maximising profit.
We monitor the results of our indicators to make sure they work correctly all the time.